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We're now closed for the 2017 Christmas Season!

Seems the weather forecasters were wrong again - the ground is covered and the snow's still coming down! We won't be getting out of here today, and our tractor's not good in snow, for sure can't make it up the hill to the other field.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

If you still need a Christmas tree, try calling Friesen Rentals (1694 Cedar Road) at 250-722-2737, or call or text Dave Haley (2510 Yellow Point Road) at 250-246-8787.  Dave Haley has trees up to 12' tall.


Pick your tree while it's still standing in the field!

Sorry - No More Prepaying/Reserving of Trees

Up to 2017 we've let people choose and pay for a tree ahead of time, and pick it up later.  Sorry, but we won't be doing this anymore starting with the 2018 Christmas season.  You can still buy a tree in November before we open for the season - just call to arrange a time.

Christmas Tree Varieties Available

We have several varieties of beautiful Christmas trees available:

We've had lots of feedback from customers from previous years who said their tree was "the best Christmas tree we've ever had!"  Some people have taken their tree in mid-November, and said it still looked great in January, or even April, after it was put outside in January!  The advantage of the tree not being cut until you choose it, is that it then gets into water within a few hours, which makes a big difference in how long it lasts.

The photo on this page shows a Grand Fir on the left, a few Noble Fir in the middle, and a Douglas Fir on the right, in June.  They look so nice in June with their new growth!  The smaller tree has protection around the trunk so the bunnies won't do any damage.

See our Facebook page for more photos of our trees.

During the Christmas season when you arrive to pick out a tree:

If we're not outside when you get here, ring our doorbell so we can give you a "BC tree tag" to mark the tree you want.  There are 2 fields of trees to choose from, so it may take you a while to choose!  If it has been raining the fields may be a bit damp, so best to wear waterproof shoes.

After you choose your tree and we cut it, we'll shake it in our Christmas tree shaker to eliminate loose needles, bird nests and anything else that might be hiding in it.  Don't worry - any birds have abandoned their nests long before December!

Our Square reader can accept credit cards, and Interac tap-and-pay debit.  And cash always works!

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