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Corkscrew Branches

We have

Corkscrew Branches - Pricing
Type Size Price per
Curly willow tips = up to 2.5' $0.50
  med = 2.5' to 4.5' $0.75
  tall = over 4.5' $2.00
Corkscrew hazelnut   small = up to 2.5' $1.00
  tall = over 2.5' $2.00

Please call ahead (250-722-2177) if you would like to visit us to purchase branches outside of our regular Christmas tree season.  You can purchase these at any time of the year.

This photo shows one of our curly willow trees, which is the tall tree at the back, and our corkscrew hazelnuts in front.  The corkscrew hazelnut trees grow VERY slowly, but also have very interesting branches!

See our Facebook page (link below) for more photos of our trees.

Our Square reader can accept credit cards, and Interac tap-and-pay debit.  Cash works, but we prefer debit or credit.


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