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We're now closed for the 2017 Christmas Season!

Seems the weather forecasters were wrong again - the ground is covered and the snow's still coming down! We won't be getting out of here today, and our tractor's not good in snow, for sure can't make it up the hill to the other field.


Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year!!


If you still need a tree, try calling Friesen Rentals (1694 Cedar Road) at 250-722-2737, or call or text Dave Haley (2510 Yellow Point Road) at 250-246-8787.  Dave Haley has trees up to 12' tall.

Our address:

2080 Pace Road

Cedar, BC (just south of Nanaimo)

Contact:  (250) 722-2177   
Follow Holden Corso right down to the end.  Note that you actually have to turn right at one point in order to not end up on Barnes Road.  Once you get to the end of Holden Corso, turn left onto Pace Road.  Our Christmas tree farm is the first driveway on the right hand side.  The driveway isn't shown on Google Maps, but runs alongside the line of large trees under the location marker on the map - see the satellite view.  We have a sign at the end of the driveway.  You can park on the grass in our lower field.

Hours - 2017 - Now Closed for the Season!


See the full Google Maps for directions.

See our Facebook page for more photos of our trees.

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